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Welcome to Sustainable Liverpool
6th March 2017 Paul Riley

Welcome to Sustainable Liverpool

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The beginning…

Where we explain what the site is all about…

This is our first post, and it will be a brief one which will explain how the site will develop, and what you can expect from us.

Posts will be written by a number of different members of our organisation, and we hope that as we grow and develop, the content will too.  We will be writing on subjects that can be loosely grouped into the categories Developing the Project, News and To Build a Home.

Developing the Project

We aim to use this area of the site to document our journey. From the germ of a whisper of a passing thought, to the fully fledged realisation of our plans – Developing the Project will be a first-hand account of the trials and tribulations of getting Sustainable Liverpool to come to life. The people we met, the emails we sent, the evolution of the idea; what helped, where we found our advice, knowledge and support, where we went wrong. We hope that this will be a valuable source of information and inspiration for you.

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There’s no denying the fact that there is a lot of bad news out there. While we aren’t going to bury our heads in the sand (did you know that ostriches don’t actually do that?) we will also be posting about positive developments. It is important to balance the good and the bad, otherwise how would one ever get things done? Hopelessness and despair are enemies of progress.

With that in mind, this section will document developments in the city, the country and the wider world which have an impact on our favourite subject – how to improve our lives. In terms of local impact we will cover the work of our friends who are progressing their own causes and projects. Farther afield will write about technological advances, new research, global and national innovations and developments that give us hope and cheer us along.

If you have any ideas of something we should be talking about, get in touch using the contact form.

To Build a Home

Some have said that too much thinking is bad for the soul. While there is a certain truth to this, translating those thoughts into actions is an incredibly empowering thing. Here is where we talk. About what is important to us, about our stories, about why we are working together and what we are working for.

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  1. Stephen Smith 11 months ago

    Look forward to learning more about this project.

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