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Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 2
23rd April 2017 Paul Riley

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 2

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What does the UN have in store for Liverpool? What is going on with the Shops for a Pound Scheme? Read on to find out…

We’ve had another week full of discovery and boss conversations. Given that this comes hot on the heels of our last Reasons to Be Cheerful post, we’re minded to make this a regular feature on the site. We were planning on regularly commenting on world affairs in order to show that it is not all doom and gloom out there, but we’ve discovered so much amazing stuff in Liverpool that we haven’t quite managed to write about anything beyond this yet. To be honest, we’re over the moon that there is so much in our city to get excited about.

Reasons to be Cheerful will now be taking its rightful place on this site. It will feature reports and commentary and interviews with organisations in the city that you should know more about. We will write about the inspirational people we meet and the work that they do.

This week, we met with David Connor from Coethica. As with many of our recent meetings, we’re not entirely sure how it came about, nor were we 100% on what we were meeting for. As with all of our recent meetings, we left excited, enthused, with a list of jobs to do and a whole lot of new knowledge.

David works in the murky realm of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and is currently the UK Regional Voice Lead for Impact 2030, a worldwide organisation with links to the UN which is working towards achieving their Sustainable Development Goals. It looks like Liverpool will be featuring quite significantly in this work in the near future, which was a pretty brilliant thing to learn about.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our second meeting of the week was with some folk from the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. We were very happy to make the acquaintance of Dr Ellen Loudon, Director of Social Justice. Ellen is currently in contact with a large number of groups in the city who are working towards the promotion of sustainable regeneration of the Smithdown Rd area. We learnt that the streets that we visited on our cheeky scouting mission are not as bereft of interest as we had initially assumed. It may look as though not much is going on right now, but in the background there are a lot of folk who are aiming to bring this area back to life.

We can’t give any specifics just yet, but know this: the future for Smithdown Rd is looking very rosy indeed. We will be making contact with other interested parties to find out how we can help make this plan come to fruition.

Faiths4Change were also at our Anglican meeting, represented by CEO Annie Merry. They were enthusiastic about our goals at Sustainable Liverpool, and offered their support. Their wide-ranging work, with both religious and secular groups, is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of people and our planet. Of particular interest at the moment is their work with the Environment Agency on a Flood Risk Awareness project in conjunction with Rochdale and Bolton’s Councils of Mosques, and also the work they do with Asylum Link and Women Together.

Faiths4Change down at the allotment with Asylum Link and Women Together

There is a lot more work going on from all of the people we have mentioned so far, so check out their sites, share the word, get involved.

While we’re mentioning Asylum Link, there’s room for one more little notice before we sign off for the weekend. There’s a bunch of people in Liverpool who spend a lot of their time giving out hot meals on the streets of our city, for free. They are our local chapter of the international Food Not Bombs organisation, and they are awesome.

Food Not Bombs

The group are running a benefit show this Thursday for Asylum Link. A great opportunity to meet some people who are making a real difference for vulnerable people in the city, and maybe even to volunteer your own services to help them out.

Next week, we will be talking about this weekend’s trip to Ford Community Gardens in Litherland. We will also be speaking about the General Election, and why it is a very exciting time to be a Labour voter.

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